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Updated: 2018-05-25

Products & services

230V Power Switch-on Delay [ETS]

The ETS is used to switch on electrical devices time-delayed. The installation can be performed by non-professionals. The time delay can be adjusted from 1sec to 3h 29min.

Design: Schuko power plug and socket (see picture).

For more information visit the german homepage.

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Linetester [LT1]

Due to our experience in development and service since 1985 and exchange of experience with our customers the problems of influences of disturbances and defects is conscious to us in the area of inductive guided systems, especially the guide line.

We offer a system for proof or for remedy of these influences. LT1 was developed by Ing. Buero H. Siebachmeyer. A LT1 prototype is used since 1995.

Application of the LT1:

Technical data of the LT1:

Measuring method:Magnetic field vector vertically on front plate;
Electrical field over 70mm plug-in antenna;
Signal output:AC Signal of the magnetic field or the electric field over BNC socket;
Display or processing with DMM, frequency counter, Scope ect.;
Supply current:typical 2,5mA;
Electricity supply:9 volts of block battery, type PP3;
Size (mm):L x W x H, 108 x 61 x 45 (incl. control elements without e-antenna);
Weight:150 gram;
Price per unit:€ 795,--
Requests and order exclusively to Ingenieurbuero Sienic. See Contact & imprint.

Download (pdf): Manual, Flyer

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Service performances

The following service performances are executed with the help of the Linetester LT1 and can also be carried out by the customer.

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Terminalprogramm IF4Term

Application: Setup and adjustment of Wire Guided System IF4x (Keltronic/KUKA) with PC / Laptop.

Instruction see documentation Keltronic IFE41, IFE42.

IF4Term is Freeware.

Download (zip): IF4TERM

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